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30 March 2013 @ 12:36 pm
Introducing Mango  
I haven't been here in a while, but I felt the need to come and introduce...



She is my wonderful new guard dog. Although no-one has yet explained what guard dog means... she's more likely to roll over at your feet to have her belly scratched than bark at you. But we're working on it! She's spending lots of time with barky dogs so hopefully she will soon be a fearsome guard dog (unless she knows you of course. In which case belly scratching will resume).

She came from the shelter having been thrown out of a moving car. She was covered in mange and very skinny. But two months of room to run, good food and evil evil aloe baths have left us with a very friendly, almost glossy coated Rottweiler-cross. And she seems to have come out of the ordeal almost unscathed. She's nervous of men, but if they take the time to be nice she gets over it (especially if they're going to scratch her belly?). She's fairly confident, more likely to investigate scary things than run from them. This morning I was putting a roof on her kennel. She was sat inside it while I was banging away with the hammer above her. She also met Sundance, the horse yesterday. When a friend was riding him he was scary, but un-tacked and in the field they both investigated each other and decided to be friends after all.

Having her is awesome, especially as at the moment I'm home alone, out on a farm by myself. It is a little daunting, it ties me to one place a lot more (technically she belongs to my boss, but in reality she is mine). But it's more exciting. It's like the decision to stay has been taken away from me, which means I don't have to make it and can just get on with enjoying it!

And just for comparison, Mango when she first arrived:

DSCN0042 small
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