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11 April 2012 @ 01:36 pm
OK, first ep of Sherlock watched, it is now very hard not to go and watch them all right now...

I'm not quite sure why I'm resisting... Maybe I should do some Who watching to distract me...

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Can I go watch the others now?

09 April 2012 @ 02:46 pm
Home! And avoiding all spoilers until I'm back caught up. Anything I need to know other than Who and Sherlock?
28 September 2011 @ 03:18 pm
Guess who's going to Tanzania tomorrow! 

Have just packed. How I have so much stuff I don't know. It is a little daft. But it did only take me 2 attempts to get it all in, which is a definite improvement. But so much stuff! The only extras to the kit list I have is my big camera, which does take up a lot of room, but will be worth it to play with it there. Fly out of Heathrow at 11 tomorrow morning, which means not too early a start as my parents are giving me a lift to the airport (yay!). Out to dinner tonight with parents and brother too.

Then I have 4 days in Dar es Salaam, until we all head off to camp. By what will likely be an evil evil bus, but I'm sure I'll survive.

I'm bouncing off the walls with excitment, (almost literally), but not really nervous. Maybe I will be when I eventually get there, but not right now. Not that I'm complaining.

So, bye guys! This journal will be left to fend for itself for a while. If you haven't already and would like to know what I'm doing come follow me over at travellingkayla, which I will update when I can.
27 September 2011 @ 06:41 pm
Eeeeeeeee! 2 days! 

Am back at my parents at the moment, trying to fit all of my stuff as well as me into a far too small room AND find and pack everything. It's fun, honest...

Don't really feel like my feet have hit the floor all day. Dentist at 8.30, trip to one high street before back to the hygenist at 10.30. Then home to find all of my travel stuff. Managed to root it all out and cover the lounge with it all. And I mean cover. Sorted it all, kind off, and headed to Northampton too buy all the fiddley little bits.

Which was fine. Except I forgot that Northampton exsists in some kind of black hole and I could not get out. Seriously, I drove round and round in circles and the road I came in on just didn't exisit. Someone stole it while I was shopping. Or I slipped into some sort of alternate dimension in which the road does not exsist. I think it may have something to do with being home to timelords... 

Anyway, I eventually escaped the clutches of Northampton by following signs to a place I do know how to get home from and taking the REALLY long way round.

Then started going through my documents to make sure they were all in order. Which is just as well, because they weren't. Somehow when booking insurance I brought it for Europe. Clearly wasn't paying attention. But the lady on the phone was very helpful and that's all sorted now. (Although, really my employers should have realised when I sent them the documents...).

Everything is piled into my room now to be tackled tomorrow in which I try to harvest some of that timelord energy from Northampton and make my bag bigger on the inside. 

So, will probably pop in to squee tomorrow, then I am off! 
23 September 2011 @ 04:30 pm
My anti-malarials, while not giving me the psycotic side effects they can have, are occasionally giving me ringing ears.

Not, oddly, on a Monday, when I actually take them, but it seems quite consitantly closer to the end of the week. It is getting less as the weeks go by (as the nurse said it would), but still enough to be annoying.

It's strange. It's not like it actually stops me hearing things, more like it filters them slightly off. The trains going past, for example, seem to fill my head with sound, where normally I don't notice them. But the radio, unless I have my headphones in, is very hard to pick out against the background noise, where normally I quite happily listen while wandering round the house.

It is quite isolating, and while bearable for one day a week, would be awful over the long term. Focusing on a single voice is hard, last week I had a meeting with my supervisor for the newt project in a cafe, and found it exhausting trying to fix her voice out of the surronding babble. To have to do that everyday would be debilitating.

I think surviving without hearing would be preferable to without sight, but still, even lack of perfetion for a short amount of time is making me appriciate it all the more.
22 September 2011 @ 09:19 pm
Just in case you were wondering, distracting yourself from counting down the days until your next trip by reading your entire travel journal from the last 4 years is not particularly successful, but is more likely to make you want to go everywhere. Now.
22 September 2011 @ 03:28 pm
So, I leave for Tanzania in ONE WEEK! I will be... somewhere over Europe I guess, still 14 hours from arriving in Dar es Salaam (oh, that sounds like a long time... just as well I like flying. Except that does include 5 hours in Doha airport.)

Have now reached the stage in my excitement when nothing will keep me entertained for longer than about 30 seconds and I keep bouncing round the house. Probably to the confusion of my housemates who have had a sleep deprived far-too-attached-to-her-laptop Kayla for the past 3 months. Ah well. I might make cake (Hmmmm... and there is an example of my lack of ability to stay focused for more than 30 seconds...)

Think everything is sorted. Other than the Red Cross getting mightly confused at the fact that my house has a NAME not a number, and therefore failing to send my certificate (and not, you know, asking if that was my address or telling me it was wrong, just not sending it...). I have everything on my kit list barring toiletries and stuff, but I can get them when I go to my parents, as it seems daft to buy them now and have to move them on Monday.

Went riding yesturday. Had my amazing pony who was actually amazing, for a change. Jumping 2ft6 grids, feels like flying, I swear there is nothing else that gives me quite such an adreneline rush as doing that. It's also probably the bit of riding that scares me the most, but I love it all the same. It is so exhilerating and freeing. There may be pics soon too, as one of my friends had her camera and took some pretty good ones.

Ugh, can I just go now? I need to do something. I'm working the next three days as the freshers arrive (wow, three years ago that was me!), which is good, at least I can direct my nervous excitement somewhere useful.

Oh, and I will be moving when I leave to my travel journal travellingkayla, which has all my past travels in it and is family friendly. Unlikely I'll post here after I leave, unless I need a non-family-friendly rant. But I shall be back when (if!) I return. Or at least when my life gains some sort of normality. Or as normal as my life ever is. So the point of that sentance was to tell you too follow me over there should you want to know how my travellings going. It just got a bit lost on the way.

19 September 2011 @ 02:57 pm

Spent my weekend on Exmoor building a dry stone wall. Today I ache quite a lot. 

Good fun weekend with the Conservation Volunteers. Left on Friday evening in the minibus to drive the 4(ish) hours to Exmoor, stopping for fish (well, veggie alternative, but that doesn't sound right) and chips on the way. Arrived at the village hall at about 10pm. We always get odd looks when  we arrive at the hall with all of the stuff 10 people need for the weekend, I suppose it is a little odd for a group of students to invade a hall for the weekend. Tea, chatter and card games until around midnight when we all attempted to get some sleep (never an easy task).

Porridge for breakfast (With nutella this time, as we couldn't get any suitalbe sized chocolate bars) and packed lunch made, we headed out to meet our guide. Parked the bus on top of one of the rolling hills of the moors and then set off for around half hour walk to get to the wall we were repairing. The weather was changeable, raining on and off, but with enough dry spells in between to dry off again. The mornings work was tedious, pulling down the old wall that had begun to crumble, but the group of people make it fun, we do have our own brand of humour. After lunch however (during which I aquired a friend in the form of a whippet-collie cross who I would really liked to have stolen) we started building the wall up, something that was immensly satisfying. Kind of like a huge jigsaw puzzle, only not all the pieces are there and some of them have been attacked by scissors. But it didn't take long to get the hang of it, and begin to see progress. Left about half way through, to return to the village hall all sleepy and happy.

Weather had turned by Sunday morning however, so we didn't get to go and finish our wall, and instead worked on another in a much more acessible location. Again managed about half of the wall before the weather beat us comepetely and we had to retreat to the bus. Traffic filled trip home too longer than expected, but is always amusing with a bus full of half exhausted but now dry people with an odd sense of humour. Got back home at around 7.30pm to a nice hot shower, pasta dinner and Doctor Who. Achey today, but in a very satisfied way.

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Also, on a much less good note, the monkey foundation where I worked a few years ago has had another fire. Reading the reports is horrible, although thankfully it seems it wasn't as bad as it was the first year I was there, only going through one encolsure. It was the bandits enclosure too, so hopefully even if they don't recatch them all they should have a better chance than some of the others would have.  Still awful to hear though, it is such a hard thing to prevent and can be so devestating.
12 September 2011 @ 12:22 pm
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07 September 2011 @ 09:38 pm
If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your 10-year-old self?

In 8 years you will travel the world, looking after monkeys, being paid to ride horses and seeing the amazing sites of Asia and Europe. And you'll do it without panicing and making loads of new friends along the way.

In 9 years you'll move to Southampton and start your degree, which you will love, you will meet the most amazing groups of people who like you for who you are, and you will graduate with a first! (Little me did a lot of stressing over grades...)

In 12 years you will have graduated and be about to move out to Tanzania to work on conservation efforts. You'll have a group of people at home that will miss you. Your job is something you love.

And, sorry for the next 7 years or so, but trust me, it's worth it.