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14 May 2012 @ 12:17 pm
Living with only solar power, so my fandom exploits are limited to books. Which means I have devoured them. Thank god for Kindle.

The Hunger Games - 

Honestly? Meh. I mean, it was a good book and the concept was interesting. I liked the reversal of gender roles, nice strong female and weak male, the female manipulating the love angle, while the male really feels it. But she still killed people. And I know she did it too save herself and her family and she had no choice and all of that. But really, she was smart. Surely NOT killing would have been more of an affront to the Capitol? I suppose that then they would just have made it so that she had to kill, in self defence or something. But... I don't know, I find it hard to accept a heroine who has just fought to the death because she supposedly had no choice. I would still like to read the other books though, the story wasn't bad and it may redeem itself.


Game of Thrones - 

Little bit of love for this book. Haven't read any real fantasy for a long time (in fact, no fantasy in this vein really sticks in my mind...) but I loved it. The chapters from each characters perspective kind of lets you see the story from all angles. I know the Starks are supposed to be our 'white hats' but by following Dany's story through her eyes you feel for her too (in fact her character is probably my favourite, her growth throughout the book is amazing). King Robert isn't perfect. It feels like we join the story after the 'happy ever after', as see that the liberating King is not all that great either. Characters die and life isn't rosy. Can't wait to read the next.

Pinnochio -

Little bit random, but worth reading. Having a Kindle has meant I have filled it with all sorts of random free books, this being one of my favourites. You can tell entirely it is written to scare little boys into behaving but it's good fun.

Jane Eyre -

OK, so technically I listened to this one, but it still counts. And fell in love with it. I tried to read the classics when I was too young, as my ever wise English teacher told my parents that anything published before 1900 wouldn't harm their poor delicate (yeah, right...) daughter  but would work to replace children's books I had grown out of. Except to a 12 year old, anything published before 1900 is dry and dull. So it didn't work and I thought I hated the classics. Wrong. You do have to read it in it's time, but the book is amazing. Yes, Jane does spend her time following men to a point, and yes her wealth in the end does come from a kind old Uncle and yes she chases said man again once she has it. But this is the nineteenth century. When this man has a mad wife living in the attic, she leaves, and she works for herself and she is independent (for her time). She is smart and articulate and witty. So yeah, read it. 

Am now reading 'The end of Mr Y', lent to me buy my boss. Seems good enough, and interesting topic, so we'll see how that goes.