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30 April 2012 @ 05:27 pm
Off to Bonaire tomorrow morning!

Have had a lovely 3 weeks back home, but I can't say how glad I am to have a job to be going too. As much as I love my family.

Had a manic weekend, with Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle and Cousins all round to watch Dad, Uncle and Cousin run in the MK Marathon. Mad mad people, but they all did really well, and Dad raised over £1000 for Cancer Research, which is amazing, then his company will match it, which is more amazing. Family vegging with pizza and film last night was also really nice. Watched the US version of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', which was not exactly nice, but an OK film. Prefer the Sweedish version myself.

Packed up this morning, turns out without my sleeping bag and roll mat I have loads of room in my bag. I actually get to take clothes with me this time! Went out to Lunch with my little brother and then had a quick chat with Jess. Which lasted 2 hours. Ah well, there are worse things to do. Last time she made me promise to call from the gate. I take off at 6am this time and she didn't ask me too... wonder why??

Might be more around this time but not sure. Will be over on the other journal though, so see you there.

Chlorischloris on May 1st, 2012 03:02 am (UTC)
Have a lovely time! *waves* I haven't been to Bonaire in many years but it is a beautiful place.